SHO 36mm Narrowband Filter Kit
SHO filter kit stands for SII, H-Alpha, OIII narrow-band filters, generally working with astronomical monochrome cooling CCD and modified DSLR imaging in each single-channel . Corresponding with RGB channel (Ha, OIII, SII), photographers can process Hubble images by astronomical post processing software .
  • Description

  • Specification

1. Optolong SHO Narrowband Introduction

  • Allowing only a very narrow range transmitted by specific bandwidth design
  • Increasing the contrast between the target and the night sky
  • Blocking the moon emission, artificial light and infrared


2. Referance Spectrum


3. Packing

  • Outer Box: silve box
  • Plastic Box: PP material
  • Lining: imported high pressure white EVA material



4. Filter Performance

Photo by Alberto Ibañez



5. Warm Reminder:

  • About Color: The package may different due to different photography environment, lighting. What you have seen in the picture is absolutely what it is being. You might feel somewhat of color different subject to the monitor and camera, please refer to the material item.
  • About Coating: The interference items will show rich colors in different light environment, which is normal phenomenon.
  • About Product Object: Product specifications may change to improve product quality, and that updates to the specifications will be published as soon as possible.
  • About Product Overview: Please note that SHO filter with same design, same raw material . Size is the only difference

Available Size:

  • 1.25";
  • 2";
  • 31mm;
  • 36mm;