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Optolong new item-Clear Sky Filter,front facing 77mm,no dark-corner.
Optolong Clear Sky Filter is the first new item in 2017 from Optolong Optics Co.,Ltd.Clear Sky blocks the city Na and Hg light pollution so that improve contrast effectively.The main point of this filter that differ with other filter, its front facing,77mm, you can twist it in front of camera lens directly like UV lens. More important is its performance, no wavelength shifting , no color gradient through the images(result).

This type suits for any lens what UV lens fit.

Below images are from famous astrophotographer Vincent Cheng-不动明王( HongKong) on January 9th.2017. 
The left one without filter, the middle image with Optolong Clear Sky Filter single JPEG frame, the right image with Optolong Clear Sky Filter 62frames stacked.

clear sky filter 1
This is the picture by famous hoshino photographer RoyalK, who's filmed works has been published in 《Sky China》many times.
clear sky filter 2
clear sky filter 3
With Clear Sky filter,Fuji XA1+samyang 12mm f2.0,ISO800 f2.0 300s,艾顿星野
clear sky filter 4
With Clear Sky filter,Fuji XA1+samyang 24 1.4 ISO6400 f1.4 30s.
Name Clear Sky
Subs Optical Glass
Thinkness 1.0mm
Size 77mm(Only)
Ring CNC Porcess
Clear Sky
du mo
guang pu
mian xing