L-eNhance Testimonial Published on Sky & Telescope Magazine 2020 March

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L-eNhance Testimonial Published on Sky & Telescope Magazine 2020 March




North America Nebula Region was shot by Canada astrophotographer Ron Brecher who used Optolong L-eNhance filter.

Main advantage of L-eNhance is allowing imagers with colour cameras to get great shots of nebulae even in moonlight, not to mention clear skies.

Astrodoc Ron acquired this image from his SkyShed in Guelph under waning crescent Moon, average to above average transparency and fair to average seeing.

Lucky enough, the image was published on Sky & Telescope magazine on March issue 2020, from page 74 to 75.

Really stunning work, L-eNhance worked very well on it.


What equipment does Ron used, and how about the data?

Takahashi FSQ-106 ED IV @ f/3.6, 

QHY367C one-shot colour camera, and Optolong L-eNhance narrowband filter

Paramount MX, unguided.

Acquisition, and focusing with TheSkyX.

Focus with Optec DirectSync focus motor and controller.

Automation with CCDCommander. Equipment control with PrimaLuce Labs Eagle 3 Pro computer. All pre-processing and processing in PixInsight.

88x10m with Optolong L-eNhance filter (Total = 14hr40m)
Image scale 2.59 arcsec per pixel



The North America Nebula (NGC 7000) dominates the upper left of this image, and the Pelican Nebula (NGC 5070) is to the right centre. Additional, related nebulosity fills the bottom third of the image. These clouds of gas are part of a huge complex of emission nebulae lying about 1,600 light years away in northern Cygnus.

Pls kindly click here for more details, and for high resolution of North America Nebula: