Winners Announcement--2019 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition

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Thank all of the participants in the contest for entering. We received 149 nice photos from more than 20 countries in this competition. 

We are pleased annonce 16 winners of 2019 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition have been selected.

Let's view these outstanding awards photos as below,


The 1st Prize

Photographer: Raul Villaverde Fraile

Country: Spain

Image Target: IC 2177

Technical data: Takahashi FSQ 106ED Canon 5DmarkIII cooled Neq6pro SW Guidance Solution


The 2nd Prize


Country: Spain

Image Target: Messier 45

Technical data: Canon 6d Takahashi FSQ 106 ED SW nq6pro



Country: China

Image Target:NGC4038

Technical Date: ASA500+DDM85+FLI PL16803,L:R:G:B=120:40:40:40min


The 3rd Prize

Photographer: Dan Crowson

Country: USA

Image Target: NGC 1514

Technical data: SBIG STF-8300M  Astro-Tech AT12RCT at f/8 2432mm.


Photographer: 尧祯

Country: China

Image Target: NGC 2237

Technical data: kyrover70SA v3 350mm f/5.0、 ZwoASI1600MMPro  -10º、 optolong hα:600s ×12 sII:600s x8  oiii:600s X12


Photographer: Christopher Sullivan

Country: USA

Image Target: Messier 1

Technical data: Explore Scientific N208CF f/3.9 8" Newtonian Astrograph, Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 and Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro, ZWO ASI 1600 MM-C


Photographer: Patrick Winkler

Country: AUSTRIA

Image Target: M31

Technical data: HaLRGB 280 210 105 105 105 min. TeleVue NP 127fli ASA DDM 60 Pro FLI ML 16200


Photographer: 徐俊彦

Country: China

Image Target: 意大利面星云

Technical data: TAKAHASHI FSQ106 Moravian-11K Skywatcher EQ6r


The Participation Prize

Photographer: Artūras Medvedevas

Country: Lithuania

Image Target:  IC342

Technical data: Starlight Xpress Trius-SX694 Mono CCD Samyang 135mm F2 (shot at F2)


Photographer: DOMINGO PESTANA  

Country: Spain

Image Target:  Field around Iris Nebula

Technical data: Canon 5d Mark III modified and cooled TELESCOPE: Takahashi FSQ 106ED MOUNT:  Skywatcher  NEQ6 Pro


Photographer:  Jason Matter

Country: USA

Image Target:  Lovejoy Comet

Technical data: FSQ-106ED with FLI Ml8300 and orion Atlas Pro mount


Photographer: Rodrigo Vera

Country: Chile

Image Target:  Horse head nebula

Technical data: explore scientific ed80 triplet fcd100 Camera: zwo asi 183mc pro Camera: zwo asi 290mm Filter: optolong uvir


Photographer:  Ariel Leonardo Cappelletti

Country: Argentina

Image Target: M20

Technical data: Nikon D5100mod+ UV/IR Cut 2" Optolong  Filter+SW Explorer 200p+SW Coma Corrector 0.9x+EQ6-R-Pro


Photographer: Sabine Gloaguen

Country: France

Image Target:  NGC 2070

Technical data: Optics: Skywatcher Spirit 80ED Mount: AZ-EQ6 Camera: Atik One 6.0


Photographer: Raman Madhira

Country: USA

Image Target: Heart Nebula-Melotte15

Technical data: Explore Scientific 127mm FCD 100 Mount:Celestron CGX-L Explore Scientific 127mm FCD 100


Photographer: 蒋宇航

Country: China

Image Target: NGC6188

Technical data: chilescope拍摄 HSO:300s 20X10X8


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Special thanks to competition Judges Chuck Ayou  , Luca Fornaciari , Ron Brecher , Terry Hancock , Warren A. Keller. Thank you spent a lot time to select winners seriously.

Our next contest Wide-Field Astrophootgraphy Competiiton begins soon. Get ready, the next winner may be you.