The CLS-CCD broadband filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deepsky objects
The CLS-CCD broadband filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deepsky objects.
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1.  Optolong CLS-CCD Introduction

The CLS-CCD broadband filter is designed to improve the visibility of various deepsky objects. By selectively reducing the transmission of wavelengths of light pollutants, specifically those produced by artificial lightings including mercury vapor lamps, both high & low pressure sodium vapor lights and the unwanted natural light caused by neutral oxygen emission in our atmosphere (i.e. skyglow). Together with the highly transparent in main nebula emission lines at OIII(496nm and 500nm), H-beta (486nm), NII(654nm and 658nm), H-alpha(656nm) as well as SII(672nm), the filter is suitable for enhancing the contrast and details for photograghic purpose at light pollution area.

Main Use

CLS-CCD is different from CLS with infrared wavelength 700-1100nm cut-off.

Fit with color CCD cameras and modified DSLRs for astrophotography.

Work well on most emission nebulae, planetary nebulae and supernova remnants. 

Noticeable boost in contrast and visibility of the fainter outer detail.

Light pollution filter do not eliminate the effects of light pollution or increase the object’s brightness. In many cases, they increase the contrast between nebula and night sky, not brightening the nebula.

WARNING: The filters of Optolong are not designed for sun observation. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN WITH OPTOLONG FILTER. You would be BLIND if you fail to observe the warning.


2. Optolong CLS-CCD Spectrum and Characteristic
Sbustrate: Optical glass
Thickness: 1.85mm
Tave:  T>90%
Blocking range: 300-1100nm
Blcoking depth: light pollution  line blocking >99%
Surface quality: 60/40
Transmitted Wavefront RMS: λ/4
 Parallelism: 30s



How to read the chart?

▲The horizontal axis is the Wavelength in Nanometers(nm).

▲The vertical axis is transmission in %.

▲The RED line shows the transmission of the CLS-CCD filter. Green line shows the emmission of nebula. The artifical emission lines are shown in ORANGE. 



3. Coating Technology

·Multi-layers anti-reflection coating

·Non-cementing optical substrate coating

·Optolong filter adopts precision coating based on Ion-assisted deposition coating technology for durability and resistance to scratching, as well as stability on CWL(central wavelength) no deviation affected by temperature change.

·Planetary rotation system offers precision and homogeneity of coatings ensuring high value on transmission of pass-band and Optical density of off-band.




4. Optolong CLS-CCD Gloable Price


              CLS-CCD filter MAP                     Unit Price in USD dollars          
1.25" mounted $96.00
2" mounted  $159.00





5. Packing

Outer Box: silve box

Plastic Box: PP material

Lining: imported high pressure white EVA material



6. Optolong CLS-CCD Performance

I.  NGC7000 & IC5070 © Wei Guo (China)  




II.  M42 © Wei Guo (China)  



Warm prompt

●About color: due to the influence of ambient light, color difference of the display and flash photography, the color of the product may have some color difference. Detailed color is in accordana with the final product.

●About coating: the interference filter will show different colors under different light, which is a normal phenomenon. Please refer to the material object.

●About the style: in order to improve the product, the change of design/appearance/parameters has not been updated in time. Please see the subject produce.

●About the description: the series of this product have the same material, technology and design, different sizes only, please note.


Optolong CLS-CCD feature:

⭐1.25"(1 1/4"), 2" for eyepiece