Optolong Warranty and Return Policy

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Optolong Warranty and Return Policy


Optolong Filters Warranty

All Optolong filters are strictly inspected within specifications before shipment. Each filter will arrive clean and well packaged in an anti-counterfeiting code.   

Mechanical function and optical performance of all Optolong filters could always be guaranteed for 3-year under normal use. This warranty is void if the filter has been misused or damaged.

We would like to offer you a technical support or official direct if need. We will also provide assistance in dealing with your issues if happened during imaging or application.

Kindly email us at contact@optolong.com, and let us know more details. We would like deal with your problems immediately as soon as we receipt of your message.


Optolong Filters Return Policy

Optolong will accept returns for a full refund if you are not satisfied with our filters within 14days from the date when we or our authorized dealers sent the filter.

The return filter must be fully new and in well conditions.

Customers who need to return Optolong filters for exchange or refund must first email your dealer or Optolong- contact@optolong.com for approval, otherwise, returns will not be acceptable.



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