Winners Announcement of 2021 Wide Field Astrophotography Competition

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Winners Announcement of 2021 Wide Field Astrophotography Competition


Optolong Wide Field Astrophotography Competiiton 2021 ended in a success.  There were 414 entries created by 173 participants who came from 31 different countries.

All the works have been organized and uploaded to the Google Photo.

After our judges' discussion, now the result has come out.

Judges were Hiroyuki Narisawa from Japan, Mehmet Ergün from Germany, Sammax Chong from Malaysia, Steed(虞骏) from China, and Vincent Cheng from Hong Kong(China).


Prize Category:

The First Prize X1:

Canon R Mirrorless camera body, plus Optolong L-Pro EOS R clip filter;


The Second Prize X2:

Sky Watcher Mount for each place winner, Plus Optolong L-Pro clip filter;


The Third Prize X3:

Panoramic head for each place winner, Plus Optolong Clear Sky filter;


The Popularity Award X5:

Maglev Moon Lamp;


NOTE for previous policy:

The first, the second and the third prizes shall not be repeated by default. If the different works from a photographer win any of the first, second and third prizes, the higher prize shall be deemed as a valid prize;
The Top 5 popularity award and the first, the second and the third prizes are allowed to be shared; The popularity prizes were voted online, depends on your “LIKE”, which began from July 24th. to August 4th..


Let’s enjoy these great works.


The 1st Prize-One Winner

Photo Number:129

Photo Title:你守护的星辰

Photographer: 柏乐

Country: China

Equipment used: 6D2 L-Pro mod+Sigma 135 F1.8 135 F2  iso5000 30s *175 Date:4.18. 2021


Description: 库布齐沙漠一直是北京附近比较理想的拍摄点,由于近两年新冠疫情的影响,景区也是反复关停,直到今年的4月份我又有机会来到这里一睹大漠星河的风采,4月的银河可以完整的从地平面升起,在出发前我脑海里就有一幅画面,就是拍一组和升起的天蝎座调色盘的合影,于是我选择了一个有棱角的锥形沙丘,提前用skyguide模拟好调色盘升起的角度,然后用135mm的镜头记录下这一画面,其实这张照片更多的是想表达人与自然协调的共存,拥抱星空,让一切烦恼抛之脑后!




The 2nd Prize-Two Winners

1/2 Winners: Photo Number:370

Photographer: 张作兴

Country: China

Tittle: 满船清梦压星河

Description:文布南村和当惹雍错,是阿里中北线上最靓丽的风景。数次来这里拍星空都留下了难忘的回忆,2020年九月,带着一群朋友自驾西藏阿里地区,在这里记录下了夏季银河的尾巴。一路上朋友们喜欢饮酒,总是能让我想起那句古诗:“醉后不知天在水,满船清梦压星河。” Techincal Card:NikonD750 拍摄参数:iso3200,f1.8,30s,共6张接片,天空部分赤道仪跟踪,5张接片,地景部分关闭赤道仪,1张拼接        


Location:西藏那曲市文布南村 Tibet

Processing: 1、用Lightroom调整Raw文件的曝光、颜色,拉亮暗部、压高光,然后输出为JPG。 2、用PTGui对输出的JPG进行拼接,采用横向墨卡托投影输出。 3、用Photoshop处理拼接后的照片,裁掉多余的画面,缩星降噪,进行最后的微调并出图。




2/2 Winners: Photo Number:106

Photographer: Lorenzo Ranieri Tenti

Country: Italy


Camera:  Astro-modified Sony a7s, Sony 35mm f1.8, Sigma 14-24mm f2.8; Optolong clear sky filter; tripod; astrotracker.

EXIF: The Milky Way shots was taken with the Astro-modified Sony a7s at 35mm tracked 120secs, f3.2, is 1250; foreground image is a is a panorama taken with the Sigma14-24mm f2.8, at 17mm f2.8 30secs, ISO6400.

Description: This photograph was taken in Teide Volcano National Park on the island of Tenerife and shows our beautiful Galaxy over an incredible volcanic landscape – a real night-photographer’s wonderland! Location: Teide Volcano National Park, Tenerife Island, Spain; Date: 14th July 2020.

Image processing: The image has been processed with lightroom, for the basic adjustments, stitched in PTGui software to create the panorama and finalized in Photoshop, for focus-stacking, stars reduction and selective contrast.




The 3rd Prize-Three Winners

1/3 Winners: Photo Number:011

Photographer: Marcin Zajac

Country: USA

Tittle: Alien Throne

Nikon 600 + Tamron 15-30mm lens May 24 2020 Milky Way, Jupiter and Saturn captured over otherworldly rock formations located in a remote part of New Mexico





2/3 Winners: Photo Number:246

Photographer: 阴浩

Country: China



Equipment used:Canon 6D,Sigma 85mm f/1.4镜头








3/3 Winners: Photo Number:389

Photographer: Tomas Slovinsky

Country: Slovakia Tittle: Winter Arcs

Equipment: Canon 6D mod, Sigma ART 28mm, Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer, Astronomik 12nm H alpha filter from same place, same time captured separately

Imaging target: Milky Way, zodiacal light, zodiacal bridge, counterglow - 360 panorama.

Time: 10th of March 2021

Location: Low Tatras mountains – Slovakia

Category: Tracked Ha+RGB Panorama




Special thanks to our judges!!! 


The popularity prizes were voted online, depends on the number of "LIKE". Let's find out the most five popular pieces of work. Clik "BUTTON " to reivew the work and data.


Top 5 Popularity Award- Five Winners

1/5 Winners:  Photo Number:365

Photographer: Robert Barsa

Country: Slovakia

Tittle: A Little Like Mars  

Equipment used: tripod, Skywatcher StarAdventurer, Canon 6Da, Samyang 24mm f/1.4, Tiffen Double Fog 3 diffusion filter Imaging target and time: panorama of 37 images using Canon 6Da + 24mm @f/2.2 ISO 3200, 30 sec., tracked

Description: This photograph was created in the Atacama desert, near the village of San Pedro, Chile. On the sky there is a huge arc of winter Milky way with the dominant Orion typically upside down, Magellanic clouds, many hydrogen alpha nebulas, one of the most noticeable is the Gum nebula complex rising on the southeast and also the very intense Eta Carinae nebula. This projection known as the little planet reminds of the red planet actually. Maybe one day there will be such observatories too, if the sky there would get rid of the dust





2/5 Winners: Photo Number:280

Photographer: Kokfong Lam

Country: Malaysia

Tittle: 指天山银河  

Equipment used:Nikon D750 , Nikkor 14-24mm F2.8 , Vixen Polarie tracker

Data:Sky: F3.5 ISO 1600 S180 (tracker on) 12images stacked by Sequator Foreground : F3.5 ISO 2500 S180 (tracker off) 4 images stacked by median stack

Date: 11.2.2021 5.15am

Location: Phu Chi Fa Mountain , Chiangrai , Thailand

Description: Phu Chi Fa 泰语的意思是指天山,指天山坐落在泰国清莱府,是一处风景摄影的好地方, 每年二,三月是拍摄银河的好时机, 银河会在凌晨4,5 点左右刚好升至指天山的最高点,就如指天山指着银河那样。 后期处理方式:堆栈



3/5 Winners: Photo Number:302

Photographer: Majo Chudý

Country: Slovakia

Tittle: Picnic under the stars Sony A7M3 mod + Samyang 24mm f/1.4

Veľká Javorina, Slovakia 7.11.2021 0:25

Such an ordinary summer relaxation, a picnic in a meadow under a starry sky. The model really had a lot of work to do. Vydržala asi pól hodinu na mokrej deke v chlade, kým som urobil fotografiu. It has been shaking since the winter, but it lasted 4 photos with a length of 30 seconds without moving.. She is amazing!

A Lee soft diffusion filter was used to capture the sky. Panorama from 39 photos Sky: 15s, f/2, iso-8000 Country: 30s, f/4, iso-8000




4/5 Winners: Photo Number:059

Photographer: Denis Ngu

Country: Malaysia

Tittle: A breath beneath starry night The long-awaited Milky way Due to Mco/Cmco, is being long time I haven’t see the summer Milky Way. The last time I watched the Milky Way was June 2020, 9 months later, oh! Hello, Summer Milky Way! I also take this opportunity to try the second-hand Samyang lens to what extent it can perform on the apsc camera. It really didn't disappoint me. Location: Semeyih Dam

Date: 15-3-2021 Camera: D5200(mod)

Lens: Samyang 24mm f1.4 (36mm to fx equivalent)

Filter: Optolong L-pro

Tracking Mount: Star Adventure



5/5 Winners: Photo Number:332

Photographer: Reisis Michalis

Country: Greece

Tittle: The pillar and the arc.  

Equipment used Sony A7m3, Sigma 20mm f/1.4

- Imaging target and time 14-6-2020 22:58

- Briefly describe your photo, location of the photography included Walking around the ruins next to the beach, we call ourself these ruins "ancient" but only few know to look up and see what ancient really means..

- Digital processing methods employed (if any) Untracked panorama of 5 photos, stitched and edited in Photoshop.


The end, thanks again for all participants so that made this event a success!!! All prizes will be delivered as soon as possible. Thank YOU!

Welcome coming next Starryscape Dream, see you then.



The copyright of the above works belongs to the author, and no one can use it without permission.