Here L-Ultimate released on 15th August 2022

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Here L-Ultimate comes

After more than a year of trials and tests. Our techinic team spent such a long time of conducting extensive studies, testing dozens of times, inviting more than fifteen differnent countries of astrophotogrphers for actual use, feedback, improve...again and agin.

L-Ultimate finally comes. We are proud to announce that L-Ultimate was released today, early bird price was activated from 15th August till 20th September 2022.  Unified shipment will be arranged on 20th. September.


All of us want to say everything is worthy, as we break ourselves through the process of product. It stands for something.  We always attach importance to amateurs and astronomers comments, the only thing what we want is to keep and provide high standard of premium filter to you.  

L-Ultimate is 3nm dual band designed to drastically reduce the effect of light pollution, the 3nm isolates the nebulae's emissions into H-Alpha (red) and OIII (green-blue). So you will get more advantages from it. 

. Darker sky background of the image

. Higher contrast between the nebulae and signal-to-noise ratio

. Better pinpoint stars control

. Optimized in terms of halo performance

. Fighting against serious light pollution

You will find more details and reviews from the link:

There is only 2" type avaiable at present. MAP in USD $389

Early brid pricing ($349) is with the highest cost-performance. Come on, you deserve it. Consult and bring this filter with your dealers.