3nm Ultra Narrowband Filters Performance by Chuck and Shawn

source:Chuck’s Astrophotography, Shawn Nielsen (VisibleDark)popularity:1363Release Time:2022-10-24

3nm Ultra Narrowband Filters Performance by Chuck and Shawn


►The Crescent Nebula

Credit: Chuck’s Astrophotography

Hello everyone, we've had an amazing run of clear skies and Chuck has been capturing lots of pictures.  

Here is a widefield deep space photo that stretches from the Crescent Nebula at the top to the Tulip Nebula at the bottom.  This area spans around 5,000 to 6,000 light-years from Earth.  It's captured with the RedCat 51 telescope. 

Chuck also used a ZWO ASI2600MM Pro camera and Optolong 3nm narrowband filters.  The total exposure time is 9.66 hours.    





►The Elephant Trunk nebula

Credit: Shawn Nielsen (VisibleDark)

Shawn reworked his data on the Elephant Trunk nebula. Took a different approach.

Applied some different processing techniques which I'll demo in an upcoming video. Imaged with a Starfield Optics 8 astrograph at F3, QHY268M camera and Optolong 3nm filters. Star colour is RGB data.





►The Cosmic Question Mark in deep space

Credit: Chuck’s Astrophotography

Hi Everyone, here's the Cosmic Question Mark in deep space.  NGC 7822 is at the top and is nearly 3,000 light years from Earth.  

The dot on the bottom is SH2-170, sometimes called the Little Rosette Nebula.  It exists much farther away than NGC 7822 above it with a distance of about 7,500 light-years from Earth. 

Chuck captured it with my RedCat 51 telescope, ZWO ASI2600MM Pro camera, and Optolong 3nm narrowband filters with 18.53 hours of exposure time.  





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