Sh2-132, also known as the lion nebula, with L-Ultimate filter

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Sh2-132, also known as the lion nebula, shot by Giacomo Pro with L-Ultimate filter 


Credit: Giacomo Pro (Italy)

Sh2-132, also known as the lion nebula, is a rich HII region with starry clusters, emission nebula, and dark powder regions. Located in the southern part of the cefeo constellation, the lion nebula lies about 10,00 light years away in the Perseus arm of the Milky Way.

This is mainly an emission nebula with some massive stars responsible for the ionization of gas in this region. In particular, two stars, wolf-rayet, have been identified as hd 211564 and hd 211853.

The wolf-rayet stars are huge and warm and have a white to blue colour. These stars are at least 20 times more massive than our sun and can be hundreds of thousands or even millions of times brighter! Moreover, they tend to be erutative and have extremely high solar winds.

The whole region is thought to be a new star-shaped area.

Light 73 x 600” filter: Optolong Astronomy Filter L-Ultimate
+dark, flat e darkflat
Camera: ZWO Astronomy Cameras 294 mc pro
Telescope: Sharpstar 94 EDPH 517mm F5.5 reduced to 423mm F/4.4 Artesky
Guide camera: ZWO ASI Cameras 120 mini Filter Svbony CLS
Guide scope: 50-190mm
Mount: Skywatcher Eq 6-r Pro
Acquisition: ZWO ASIAIR Plus
Software: Pixinsight – Photoshop
17-19-20-25/10/2022 Manduria (TA)
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