The “Red Moon” and Romantic Total Lunar Eclipse on 8th November 2022 in Kunming

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The “Red Moon” and Romantic Total Lunar Eclipse on 8th November 2022 in Kunming    


Place: 石盆寺公园, Kunming

Date: 8th November 2022, TUE

Author: Optolong group   


Total lunar eclipse, a rare celestial spectacle, will be visible in most parts of China on Nov 8., which including Kunming.

This total lunar eclipse will not only see the "red moon", but also the waonders of the moon's mask Uranus. Total lunar eclipse is a kind of lunar eclipse, when the moon, the earth, the sun is completely in a straight line. This occurs when the Moon falls entirely within the Earth's umbra, the moon surface dim, forming a total lunar eclipse. A total lunar eclipse has the initial waning, eclipse, light, circle and other important points of time.

Optolong group was driving to the stargazing shrine for observation. 

Time of today’s eclipse:

Eclipse beginning: 17:09

Second contact (of an eclipse): 18:16

Middle of an eclipse: 18:59

Total eclipse ends: 19:42

Last contact: 20:49

The Moon did not rise above the horizon until 18:20 in Kunming, so when it rose, it was already a red moon in the stage of totality, which could be seen anywhere in the east without any shade.

Set up equipment


Adjust and test equipment







This was what we seen from Kunming. 














The "Red Moon" and Total lunar eclipse process.