Horse Head (B33) and Flame (NGC2024) + Tommaso Massimo Stella + L-Pro

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Horse Head (B33) and Flame (NGC2024) + Tommaso Massimo Stella + L-Pro


Credit: Tommaso Massimo Stella (Italy)

Horse Head (B33) and Flame (NGC2024), identifiable in the Orion constellation near the luminous star alnitak. The horse head is a dark nebula made up of dense dust piling up to form the head and neck of a horse (imagine looking at the chess horse rotated 45 inches on its axis). Behind it one can admire IC434, the reddish emission nebula created by ionised hydrogen by the sigma orionis.
It's about three and a half light years away from our solar system 460 parsec.

The flame (ngc2024) is one of the most spectacular diffused nebula. It is not observable with the naked eye and is difficult to see using a low-power telescope. The distance from our solar system is estimated to be between 900 and 1500 light years so it's only prospectively close

In alnitak, however, which stops at about 800 light years because it is not responsible for lighting this magnificent building structure. The central part consists of dark clouds which, by preventing light from being passed from a block of stars to the rear, give this earth's common shape to the nebula.


Below the details of the acquisitions (no self-help was used)

482x30s @350 gain/-15°
Telescopio: Sky-Watcher 200 f4 Wide Photo
Camera chamber: ZWO ASI 294mc Pro
Montatura: Skywatcher AZ-EQ6 GT
Autoguida: NESSUNA
Filtri: Optolong L-Pro
Software di elaborazione: DeepSkyStacker, Photoshop CC, PixInsight, AstraImage