Seagull Nebula IC 2177 + Giacomo Pro (Italy)+ L-Ultimate

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Seagull Nebula IC 2177 + Giacomo Pro (Italy)+ L-Ultimate



Image credit: Giacomo Pro (Italy)

The gaver nebula (also known as Gum 2, sometimes referred to as IC 2177, is a diffuse nebula visible at the border between the constellations of the unicorn dog and the dog major.
The nebula is located about 9 degrees North-East of the Rio star and extends two degrees nne-ssw, in an area very rich in hot and blue stars.
It can also be detected with a good binocular, in which it appears, especially in the look-out view, as a slight elongated glow; Its conspicuous shape in large telescopes suggests the shape of a seawater in flight, hence its own name.
The gecko nebula is located in the northern part of the larger dog, on the border with the unicorn, on the south-western edge of the Milky Way light trail. The nebula appears as a long, clear and very weak strip, also visible with an amateur medium-power telescope; Some parts of the cloud are slightly brighter, such as the north-western section, catalogued as VDB 93 and representing the "head" of the seawater. In astronomical photographs, it looks like a structure extended for more than two centuries predominantly in the north-south direction.
In the middle, there is a binary stellar system responsible for the giant bow shock, visible as an arch.

The nebula is visible in the evening sky in particular in the months between December and April; From the northern hemisphere it looks not very high on the southern horizon.

Light 51 x 600” filter: Optolong Astronomy Filter L-Ultimate
Camera: ZWO ASI Cameras 294 mc pro
Telescope: Sharpstar 94 EDPH reduced to 410 mm F/4.4 Artesky
Guide camera: Asi 120 mini
Guide scope: 50-190mm
Mount: Skywatcher Eq 6-r Pro
Acquisition: ZWO ASIAIR Plus
Software: DSS - Pixinsight – Photoshop
24/01/23 15-16/02/23 Manduria (TA)
13/02/2023 Torricella (TA) Italy



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