The Skull and Crossbones Nebula (NGC 2467) + Tommaso Massimo Stella + HO 3nm

source:Optolongpopularity:873Release Time:2023-03-20

The diffusion nebula NGC 2467 - The Skull and Crossbones Nebula (NGC 2467) + Tommaso Massimo Stella + Optolong HO 3nm NB filters

Credit & Copyright: Tommaso Massimo Stello (Italy)


The diffusion nebula NGC 2467 is associated with an open star cluster that illuminates it in the constellation Puppis. This cluster is actually composed of several groups that are prospectively close but light years away and positioned on two different arms of our galaxy. The results of recent studies on the star system HD 64315 (in the cyano area of the image) place it about 17,000 light years from our solar system.
Exposures was carried out in February 2023 at the Valle degli Ulivi (Taranto-Italy) in almost prohibitive weather conditions.
Tecnical data
Lights: 64x300s Ha 3nm + 98x300s OIII 3nm
Sky: SQM 20.50
Total exposure: 13.5 h
Telescope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 250P + GPU Coma corrector
Camera: QHY 294 Pro Mono
Filters: Optolong HO 3nm
Mount: Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT

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