The Heart of Emerald at Qaidam Lake + 拂晓_718 (China) + Optolong L-Pro

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The Heart of Emerald at Qaidam Lake

Image Credit: 拂晓_718 (China)


Jade Lake - located in the northeast of Qinghai Ike Qaidam Lake, ten kilometres northwest of Dachaidan township, the "Jade Lake" salt lake is named by the "Qaidam people", because the colour of the lake is as beautiful as jade, hence the name. The salt lake is located at an altitude of more than 3,000 metres on the plateau of the salt lake, like a jewel falling into the earth, the heart of the soul.



Camera: Canon 6D mod
Lens: Sigma14-24/2.8
Filter: Optolong L-Pro filter
Shooting parameters:

Sky section - 14mm、f2.8、iso640、420s by equatorial tracker;
Landscaping section - 14mm、f2.8、iso1600、90s

"Emerald Lake was the highlight of the trip, with its unique salt lake landscape, colourful lake, and a purely clear night, it was too good for star photography, but the downside was that there was significant light pollution in all directions except for the direction of the Silver Heart, and there would be frequent traffic passing by, but still, Thanks to God I got the shot I wanted at once with the help of the L-Pro filter. The L-Pro filter helped me to get the shot I wanted in one go. "