Dumbbell, Messier 27 + Tommaso Massimo Stella + Optolong Ha3nm and OIII 3nm

source:Optolongpopularity:750Release Time:2023-07-10

The planetary nebula 'Dumbbell' (Dumbbell, Messier 27)

Credit: Tommaso Massimo Stella (Italy)



The planetary nebula 'Dumbbell' (Dumbbell, Messier 27), visible in the constellation Volpetta, is so bright that it can be observed with telescopes of modest aperture in good darkness.
It is about 1300 light years away from our solar system and is relatively young (9800 years).
It is a cloud of ionised gas, the result of the death of a giant star that became a white dwarf (seen in the centre) with a mass half that of the Sun but a much smaller radius (about 5% of our star).
The realisation of the photo was quite complex, requiring the use of short poses acquired with the ASI224mc to resolve the central part that is otherwise overexposed in the long poses acquired with the 294 mono camera.
Shots taken in April and June 2023 at the Valle degli Ulivi in Manduria (TA) 


406x10s + 172x16s (ZWO ASI 224mc + UV/IR Cut)
27x300s Ha 3nm + 18x300s OIII 3nm (QHY 294m Pro)
Sky: SQM 20,3
Telescope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 250P
Camera: QHY 294m Pro + ZWO ASI 224mc
Filters: Optolong Ha + OIII 3nm
Mount: Sky-Watcher AZ-EQ6 GT
Processing: Photoshop, Pixinsight