The Lion Nebula (Sh2-132) + Star Over Bucks + L-eXtreme F2

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The Lion Nebula (Sh2-132)  

Credit: Stars Over Bucks (US)


The Lion Nebula (Sh2-132) in the constellation of Cepheus. This is an emission nebula located 10,000 light years away. Gas in the nebula is ionized by nearby super bright young stars which causes the gas to glow. It really does look like a lion or another animal in profile facing right! Including its blue legs and red tail pointing up on the left and it’s  head to the right. This is one of my favorite objects and I captured it in one night using the new Optolong LeXtreme F2 filter during the Full Moon!. 
Telescope: 8” RASA f/2
Camera: Zwo ASI 2600MC Pro
Exposure: 70 x 6min 
Mount: EQ6R Pro
Guiding: ASI120mini, 30mm scope
Filter: Optolong LeXtreme F2
Software: ASI Air, DSS, Pixinsight 


Hope you like it.