sh2-126 : Great Lacerta Nebula + Cédric Humbert + L-Ultimate

source:Optolongpopularity:172Release Time:2023-12-09

sh2-126 : Great Lacerta Nebula + Cédric Humbert + Optolong L-Ultimate

Credit: Cédric Humbert (France)



Nebula difficult to process in the sense that there is a large Ha part and dark nebulae to mix without losing the signal of the other.
Ha part captured with my L-Ultimate filter (bortle 7)



Imaging Telescopes Or Lenses:Askar FRA400
Imaging Cameras: ZWO ASI2600MC Pro
Mounts: ZWO AM5
Filters: Optolong L-Ultimate 2"
Accessories: Askar F3.9 Reducer for FRA400/500
Software: Adobe Photoshop · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Steffen Hirtle GraXpert
Oct. 6, 2023 ·  Oct. 7, 2023
Frames: 95×300″(7h 55′)
Optolong L-Ultimate 2": 73×300″(6h 5′)
Integration: 14h
Avg. Moon age: 22.53 days
Avg. Moon phase: 45.96%


New version as below.