IC 1805, also known as the Heart Nebula + Giacomo Pro + L-Ultimate

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IC 1805, also known as the Heart Nebula + Giacomo Pro + Optolong L-Ultimate

Credit:  Giacomo Pro (Italy)


IC 1805, also known as the Heart Nebula, is a diffuse nebula in association with an open cluster, visible in the constellation Cassiopeia, towards the Giraffe border. It is detectable about 6 degrees south-east of the star ε Cassiopeiae, but can also be spotted starting from the Perseus Double Cluster and moving about 4-5 degrees in a north-northeast direction; it is paired with another large nebula, known as IC 1848. A telescope with a large diameter is needed to locate it, not so much because of its size, as the nebula is quite large, but because of its faintness. A long exposure photo or CCD camera, on the other hand, will reveal the object quite easily. The entire nebula complex visible in this area is circumpolar to most regions of the Northern Hemisphere; the best months for its observation are from October to April.
It is a very extensive HII region, whose distance is estimated at 7500 light years from us; its main characteristic is the presence of two large, apparently empty areas of different sizes, which make the nebula resemble a 'heart'. Within it is a system of small, loosely concentrated open clusters, which are responsible for the ionisation of the nebula. The most notable of these is Melotte 15, which contains some stars about 50 times more massive than the Sun, plus smaller ones and a micro-quasar ejected millions of years ago.




IC 1805 and its neighbour IC 1848 form a large nebula complex known as the 'Heart and Soul' complex; the 'heart' is IC 1805, while the 'soul' is represented by IC 1848.
Light 155 x 300" filter: Optolong Astronomy Filter L-Ultimate
Camera: ZWO Astrophotography Asi 294 mc pro
Telescope: Sharpstar 94 EDPH reduced to 410 mm F/4.4
Guide camera: Asi 120 mini
Guide scope: 60 - 320 mm
Mount: Skywatcher Eq 6-r Pro
Acquisition: ZWO ASIAIR Plus
Software: DSS - Pixinsight - Photoshop
Shots: 29/10/2023 - 06/11/2023 Torricella (TA) ITALY
Average moon phase: 68.5%

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