OPTOLONG AliExpress Platform Authorized Dealership Declaration

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OPTOLONG AliExpress Platform Authorized Dealership Declaration



Dear users:


We at OPTOLONG brand would like to issue a special reminder to all astrophotography enthusiasts regarding the purchase of our brand's filters. To ensure that you can purchase genuine OPTOLONG products and enjoy comprehensive after-sales service, we strongly recommend that you buy exclusively from officially authorized AliExpress stores.

OPTOLONG AliExpress Official Authorized Stores (in no particular order):


StarPal Outdoor Store

The Outdoor Equipment Store

Laida Optics Store

Xuanhao Star Official Store

StarOpticalAstronomy Store

StarTrip Store

AstroSetup Store

The Seventh Element Of Technology Store


Officially authorized stores will display the OPTOLONG official certification authorization letter in a prominent position on their store page. Please verify carefully before making a purchase.

We urge our valued customers to be vigilant and avoid purchasing OPTOLONG products from unauthorized channels to prevent the impact of counterfeit and inferior products. Choosing to buy from officially authorized stores not only protects your rights but also supports our brand. Products sold by unauthorized stores are counterfeit and do not enjoy after-sales rights.

Thank you for your trust and support of the OPTOLONG brand. We will continue to provide you with high-quality filters and services.

Wishing you a pleasant experience!





March 30, 2024