Night-time at Portland Bill Lighthouse + Ancient Light Photography by Emil Andronic + L-Pro EOS-FF clip

source:Ancient Light Photography by Emil Andronicpopularity:173Release Time:2024-05-13

Night-time at Portland Bill Lighthouse 

Credit: Ancient Light Photography by Emil Andronic (UK)

Filter: Optolong L-Pro EOS-FF clip



Knowing that this weekend was going to be a Bank Holiday weekend, with 3 days off and no moon about to mess things up, I really hoped to have at least one clear night to go out and try my luck at some Milky-Way shots before the UK will be losing the astronomical darkness.
The forecast looked good for Friday night and because the last time I went to Portland Bill I didn't manage to get home with anything good, I thought of giving it another go. Even though it was a 4 hour drive from my house, I'm over the moon I went there because I haven't seen the sky so nice and clean in a very, very long time, it was just perfect.
I took quite a few photos and this one is the first that I want to show you because I love it to bits.




As always, I used my Astro-modified Canon 6d that never disappoints, but this time I used it with the Sigma Art 24-35mm f2 lens at 24mm f2.8 and the Optolong L-Pro clip-in filter for Canon full frame.

The foreground is a single image, 5sec, ISO 1600, 24mm f2.8 and the sky is a stack of 13 x 120sec, ISO 1600, 24mm f2.8 tracked images using my iOptron Sky-Guider Pro star tacker.

The editing was done in Lightroom Classic, Pixinsight and Photoshop and the blending with the final touches in Photoshop.

I hope you like it!