Review of Optolong at NEAIC and NEAF Astronomy Shows in New York, US

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The World’s Astronomy Events End in A Success! Review of Optolong at NEAIC and NEAF in New York, US



Last month (17th April - 21st April 2024), astronomers and enthusiasts from different parts of the world gathered in Suffern (Rockland County), New York for the highly anticipated 2024 NEAIC - North East Astro Imaging Conference, and the 33rd NEAF - Northeast Astronomy Forum & Space Expo. Expo, the event was a great success!


NEAF site


NEAF site




The event not only showcases the latest astronomical technologies and research results, but also provides a platform for participants to communicate and collaborate extensively, and attracts astronomers, scientists, astro experts and enthusiasts from all over the world to discuss and share their experiences and insights.

As one of the exhibitors, Optolong once again appeared on the show and won many praises from the visitors with its high quality astronomical filters. Optolong has always been committed to providing high-quality astronomical filters, which play a key role in astrophotography.



Optolong booth at NEAIC




Optolong booth at NEAF, booth No. 226.




NEAIC and NEAF are high-profile events in the field of astronomy, providing a valuable opportunity for the industry to learn about the latest technologies, share research results and establish cooperative relationships. The success of these conferences is of great significance in promoting the development of astronomy and fostering scientific exchanges.

Group image with PI Wrokshop Team




The Optolong brand had an eye-catching booth showcasing its newly developed high-quality astronomical filters, the L-Quad Enhance Filter (L-QEF), as well as the other L-Series family products: L-Pro, L-eNhance, L-eXtreme, and L-Ultimate.





These filters provide remarkable imaging results when photographing nebulae, galaxies, star clusters, and other deep-sky celestial bodies in the universe at different light hazard levels. Allowing astrophotographers to better capture the beauty of the universe.



Visitors stopped by the Optolong booth to learn about and share their experience of using these filters. They were interacting with Optolong brand representatives.

They praised the effectiveness of these filters in enhancing the quality of astronomical images and consulted and exchanged ideas with Optolong.  









Meanwhile, the exhibition also features a series of exciting lectures, talks and workshops. World-renowned astronomers and speakes shared their latest research results and discoveries, covering various aspects of space and astronomical imaging, including instrumentation, observation/photography techniques, processing software, light pollution and environmental sayings, and many other topics. These talks not only increased the knowledge base of the participants, but also stimulated their interest in astronomy and passion for research.













Solar observing activities were also held outside during the exhibition.







This astronomy exhibition gave us the opportunity to showcase our brand of astronomical filters and at the same time meet many enthusiasts and photographers, which piled up our research and business development very much!

Optolong is confident about its future development and looks forward to co-operating with more astronomical enthusiasts and professionals to explore more possibilities in the future. We will continue to work hard to provide high quality astronomical filters and bring more cost-effective astronomical products to astronomical photographers.

We look forward to the next NEAIC and NEAF astronomy events.