The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud + Gianni Lacroce + L-Quad Enhance Filter, L-Pro

source:Optolongpopularity:232Release Time:2024-06-25

The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud

Credit: Gianni Lacroce

Filters: Optolong L-Quad Enhance Filter, Optolong L-Pro


The Rho Ophiuchi Cloud is a giant molecular cloud composed partly of luminous ionised hydrogen and largely of dark dust. It owes its name to the star that dominates the region in which it is located, ρ Ophiuchi, located three degrees north of Antares in the constellation Ophiuchus., approximately 420 light years away.


6-handed work taken in 3 evenings (we're always there) at monte ceraso with Andrea Zullino and Giuliano Fiorentini using 3 different optics Askar acl 200mm, Vixen fl55ss and evoguide 50ed flattened to 260mm with 3 Zwo 2600 mc.
Camera: Zwo Asi 2600 mc duo
Mount: Zwo Am5
Optolong L-qef l-pro filters
Sgpro acquisition software

High resolution