Clear Sky Filter to Screw on SLR Cameras
Clear Sky Filter is a light pollution filter supressing light pollution to improve contrast of the Milk Way. Working in Bortle 2-3 levels with natural color.
  • Description

  • Specification

1. Optolong Clear Sky Filter Introduction

  • A screw on filter with the easiest installation way like UV filter.
  • Supress light pollution to make the night sky clearly.
  • Enhance the contrast of images.
  • To bring up the colors, fascinating experience.


2. Packing

  • Outer Box: silve box
  • Plastic Box: PP material
  • Lining: imported high pressure white EVA material


3. Filter Performance



I. Milk Way by Yuri Beletsky Optolong Clear Sky



II. Stone Forest under the Milk Way by Yule俞乐



III. Large Magellanic Cloud Optolong Clear Sky filter by Yuri Beletsky



IV. Cameron Highlands Summer Milky Way by Sammax Chong, with Optolong Clear Sky Filter



V. The Milky Way rises from Kuala Kubu Bharu Dam. Imaged by Malaysia astrophotographer Sammax Chong

The first day of Luna Calendar in Chinese New Year, The Milky Way rises from Kuala Kubu Bharu Dam. Imaged by Malaysia astrophotographer Sammax Chong 

Light Pollution Levels - 4, Lens - Sigma 24mm 1.4 ART
Tracking Mount - iOptron SkyGuider Pro, Optolong Clear Sky Filter
Exposure Time - Sky 24 X 60s stacking ,2 Panorama stitching,Foreground tracker off 5 x 120s stacking,Blending with PS
ISO - 1600,400, Aperture - f2.2, Process - Autopano Giga,PSLR PSCC



VI. The stars to remember before they disappear, Sammax Chong imaged at the place where light pollution Level was 2.The lights from the road constantly shine into the sky, which is devastating to stargazers.The original beauty of the stars, so far away from us.If we do not pay attention to the problem of light pollution, do we still have the opportunity to look at the sky, with a dream to explore the vast universe?

Light Pollution Levels - 2
Date - 2020-2-24; Time - 4.40 - 5.20 am; Location - I-Yerweng , Betong
Camera - Nikon D7200(mod)for Sky, Nikon 750 for Foreground; Lens - Sigma Art 18-35 mm,Tamron 15-30mm; Optolong Clear Sky Filter & Lee soft filter
Tracking Mount - iOptron SkyGuider Pro; Exposure Time - Sky 8 X 60s Panorama stitching + Stacking; Foreground Tracker off 2 x 45s Panorama stitching + Stacking
ISO - Sky 800 ,Foreground 200; Aperture - Sky f2.2, Foreground f3.5; Take a shot of the foreground during blue hour & Manual blending in Ps
Process - Sequator , Autopano Giga , Pixinsight ,PsLR, PsCC


4. Warm Reminder:

  • About Color: The package may different due to different photography environment, lighting. What you have seen in the picture is absolutely what it is being. You might feel somewhat of color different subject to the monitor and camera, please refer to the material item.
  • About Coating: The interference items will show rich colors in different light environment, which is normal phenomenon.
  • About Product Object: Product specifications may change to improve product quality, and that updates to the specifications will be published as soon as possible.
  • About Product Overview: Please note that Clear Sky filter with same design, same raw material . Size is the only difference.

Available Size

  • 77mm
  • 82mm