Awards Announced of Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition 2018

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awards announced


awards announced


1st Prize

Jose Jimenez – IC410.

 This fine image of the Tadpoles is striking for its composition and lovely color palette. The photographer did a nice job of sharpening detail while minimizing noise.

036 IC 410 in Auriga


2nd Prize

Christopher Sullivan – The Bubble Nebula.

 This image of this iconic nebula shows great color and detail, particularly in the center of the main feature.

57 Bubble Nebula NGC 7635


2nd Prize

 Joel Short – The Rosette Nebula.  

Joel’s beautiful result comes from a combination of interesting composition, fantastic detail, and lovely color.

071 Caldwell 49 Rosette Nebula


3rd Prize

Artῡras Medvedevas – Arp 104.  

This pretty picture of Keenan’s system shows wonderful development of galactic core detail.

60 Arp 104 Keenans system


3rd Prize

吴振 – Orion’s Sword.

The photographer has brought out faint and colorful details surrounding the main objects, M42 and the Running Man Nebula.

119 M42


3rd Prize

Domingo Pestana – LBN 550.  

Plenty of dim dust and pretty star colors highlight the beauty of this unique and difficult field.

109 LBN 550


3rd Prize

Domingo Pestana – Simeis 147.  

This image shows a nice balance of fine detail and noise suppression on a challenging target.

111 SIMEIS 147


3rd Prize

 Alejandro Pertuz – The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula.

 The very tasteful use of the Hubble palette with a pleasing composition makes this image a winner.

07 Elephants Trunk nebula IC1396


The next Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition will be announced October of 2019.