Starryscape Dream--Optolong Wild Filed Astrophotography Competition 2019

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Yuri Beletsky

Carlos Fairbairn

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

Vincent Cheng




How to enter the competition?

Please download and read Rules of Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition 2019 before you submit your entries.

Images can be submitted as ATTACHMENT (Each image must include the watermark with the entrant's name, the date and the location the image was taken)  by email to  with the following information in email:

- Your name & your country

- Title of your Astro photo

 - Equipment used

- Imaging target and time

- Briefly describe your photo, location of the photography included

- Digital processing methods employed (if any)

 -Your submission image quantities 

Submission Time: 30th, April —15th, June 2019 

Award Announcement: 29th, June 2019 (Saturday)

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