M42_RGB/HA ORION'S GREAT NEBULA + Mirko Tondinelli + Optolong L-Pro, L-Ultimate

source:Optolongpopularity:970Release Time:2023-06-30


Credit: Mirko Tondinelli (Italy)


The Orion Nebula (also known as Messier 42 or M 42, NGC 1976) is one of the brightest diffuse nebulae in the night sky. Clearly recognizable to the naked eye as a non-stellar object, it is located south of the famous Orion's Belt asterism, in the center of the so-called Orion Sword, in the constellation of the same name.
Located at a distance of about 1500 light years from Earth, it extends for about 24 light years and is the closest star forming region to the Solar System.

This photo also comes from the well-established collaboration with Emanuele Neri. The shots were taken by him from Cori in the province of Latina and I lent myself to create the elaboration by combining the broadband lights with the lights made with the L-ultimate narrowband filter.



Room Zwo Asi 2600Mc
TS 115/800 telescope with 1x flattener
EQ6R mount
Optolong L-pro and L-ultimate filters
Light Lpro : 100x5” (for the harness)
Light Lpro :19x600”
Light L-ultimate :23x600”

Total 7 hours for the nebula total
Acquisition with Asi air pro Processing pixinsight and Photoshop