Shortlisted Works for 2023 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition

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Shortlisted Works for 2023 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition



We are glad to announce that the 5th Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition 2023 ended in a success. There are 751pcs different wonderful works of submissions from all over the world.

We really appreciate for these 371 contributors who come from 59 different countries.  




Distribution of submitted works of 2023 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition.



After the first round of selection, we are very pleased to announce the Shortlisted Works here.

309 pieces of works were shortlisted for DeepSky Category; and 87 pieces of works were shortlisted for SolarSystem Category for the 2023 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition.

Congratulations to all of you!!!

Now let's announce their work No, photographer, and country. 


Shortlisted works for DeepSky Category  of 2023 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition, 309pcs in total. 



Shortlisted for SolarSystem Category of 2023 Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition, 87pcs in total.   


Congrats again, Dear All!!!

►All above lists will enjoy discount coupon (20%) for L-Pro,L-Ultimate, L-Quad Enhance Filter,L-eNhance, L-eXtreme, L-eXtreme F2, SHO-3nm, and LRGB filters. Please refer to the shortlisted works what will be published on 10th January 2024 by Optolong website and other official media outlets.


The discount is valid from 10th January 2024 till 29th February 2024. 


All the shorlisted works will be scored by five expert judges from 11th January to 21st January 2024. Finnal winners will be released on 29th January 2024! Stay tuned!!!


Thank you for your attention.