Optolong - 2020 Wide Field Astrophotography Competition

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OPTOLONG are pleased to announce our 2020 Wide Field Astrophotography Competition. This is an open invitation to all astrophotographers who love astronomy photography to create and share your most shining and memorable images.

We will share and publish some of best to all over the world.



  • The entrant must have taken all images submitted;
  • All images must be taken using a DLSR or mirrorless type cameras(Sony E-mount, Sony Alpha,Olympus OMD,Canon M6,Fujifilm) and a camera wide angle lens; Composite images are permitted;
  • The submission images are required haven’t won in the Optolong Starryscape competitions;
  • The stacking of images to create the final image is permitted;
  • There is no restriction on when and where the image was taken; 
  • Each entrant is limited to a maximum of 3 images;
  • Each image must include the entrant's name and the date the image was taken.  The details must be included on the bottom left corner of the image and must be legible when the image is viewed at 100%;
  • Entries must be submitted in electronic format (JPG, PNG); 
  • Maximum size of image is 2M, width or height larger or equal to 1000px;
  • Images can be submitted as ATTACHMENT by email to market@optolong.com with the following information:
  • Your attachment should name as: photo name + your name+ your country
  • Your e-mail should include the following information:

- Your name

- Your country

- Title of your Astro photo

- Equipment used

- Imaging target and time

- Briefly describe your photo, location of the photography included

- Digital processing methods employed (if any)

-Your submission image quantities

  • The decisions of the judge will be final and no correspondence will be entered into; 
  • Copyright will remain with the photographers. The Optolong reserves the right to use the images for non-commercial purposes with acknowledgement to the photographer;
  • By submitting an image to this competition you agree that the image is an original piece of work taken for the purpose of this competition and does not infringe anyone  else's copyright;  
  • Please do not submit your image to the competition if you do not wish to grant these rights to Optolong Optics. Limited; 
  • Winners will be announced on our website and through social media.



Specially thanks to our dear judges

Yuri Beletsky

Vincent cheng

Mehmet Ergün

Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn

Steed Yu



Prizes are as follows: The fist prize: Sigma 40mm f1.4 plus Optolong L-Pro clip filter; The second prize: Sky Watcher mount plus Optolong L-Pro clip filter; The third prize: Panoramic head plus Optolong L-Pro clip filter; The Top 5 popularity Award: Optolong Clear Sky filter;

The first, the second and the third prizes shall not be repeated by default. If the different works from a photographer win any of the first, second and third prizes, the higher prize shall be deemed as a valid prize;

The Top 5 popularity award and the first, the second and the third prizes are allowed to be shared;


Submission Deadline: August 31st 2020 (Monday)

Online voting to the TOP 5 popularity work Date: September 14th 2020(Monday)

Awards Announcement Date: September 25th 2020(Saturday)


Competition rules are also available at as a PDF HERE.

Clik  2020 Wide Field Astrophotography Competition Gallery to view all submissions 

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Looking forward to your participation!