“Ask Us Anything" Online Workshop is May 25th.

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"Ask Us Anything" Online Workshop is May 25th.

"Ask Us Anything" online workshop what organized by Dr.Ron Brecher, Warren A. Keller and Peter Proulx is May 25 at 7pm BST and 7pm EDT.  Workshop space is limited to sign up soon at



Based on your question, they’ll be talking about:

Wavelets: What they are, and how they are used, in noise reduction, sharpening, making masks, and more.

Background Modelization- The finer details DBE, including how to compensate for missing flats, and sampling an image thoroughly, even where it's unwise to place a DBE sample.

Noise reduction: Dialing in the optimum settings to remove noise before and after stretching, which tools to use for each, and when MURE Denoise may be a good choice.

OSC Techniques: Debayering (when and how), CFA Drizzle, and Superpixel

Icon Sets: We'll review making and retrieving icon sets with your processing steps, in the order you prefer.

This is going to be a fun session!


Optolong will be giving away door prizes for PI WORKSHOP on 25th. May session! Hope to see you there.