Prize-winner Announcement of 2021 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition

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Prize-winner Announcement of 2021 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition


The event of 2021 Optolong Deep-Sky Astrophotography Competition ended on 20th. December 2021 in a great success. There are 410 pieces of works in total what created by 179 contributors from 41 countries. 

Here is the distribution of contributors.



After the first round of selection, a total of 247 pieces of works were liste listed. The shortlists have been organized and uploaded to the GOOGLE ALBUM--"Shortlisted Works Exhibition of 2021...".

Click here to review all shortlists:

In the meanwhile, the voting for the "Popularity Award" begins from 31st. Dec. 2021 to 6th. Jan. 2022. The number of "LIKE" is subject to our statistics. 


We specially thanks to our five judges, they are: Warren A. Keller, Dr. Ron Brecher, Luca Fornaciari, Trevor Jones (AstroBackyard), and Tommaso Massimo Stella.

Really appreciate for all judges' hard work these days.

Next, we'd like to announce the prize-winner of this event. Let's move on these fantastic winning images. Congrats, guys!


The 1st. Prize--No. 193

193 b150+Valerio Avitabile+Italy

Telescopi o obiettivi di acquisizione: Sky-Watcher Newton 200/800 Wide Photo
Camere di acquisizione: QHY 294M
Montature: SkyWatcher EQ6-R Pro
Telescopi o obiettivi di guida: SkyWatcher 70/500
Camere di guida: zwo asi224 mc
Software: Sequence Generator Pro Seqence Generator Pro  ·  Affinity Photo  ·  Ripley PixInsight 1.8  ·  PHD2 Guiding PHD 2.6.2  ·  Adobe Photoshop CC 18
Filtri: Optolong 36mm Red  ·  Optolong Optlong 36mm Blue  ·  Optolong 36mm Green  ·  Optolong 36mm L
Accessorio: Zwo Eaf  ·  QHYCCD QHYCFW3-M  ·  SkyWatcher Coma corrector f4
Date:10 Luglio 2021 ,  06 Agosto 2021
Optolong 36mm Green: 30x120" (1h) (gain: 1600.00) -10C bin 1x1
Optolong 36mm L: 44x180" (2h 12') (gain: 1600.00) -10C bin 1x1
Optolong 36mm Red: 30x120" (1h) (gain: 1600.00) -10C bin 1x1
Optolong Optlong 36mm Blue: 30x120" (1h) (gain: 1600.00) -10C bin 1x1
Integrazione: 5h 12'
Dark: 63
Flat: 25
Dark dei flat: 25
Giorno lunare medio: 13.98 giorni
Fase lunare media: 2.35%
Scala del Cielo Scuro Bortle: 4.75

The 1st Prize--193 b150+Valerio Avitabile+Italy





The 2nd. Prize--No.085 & No.406


085 IC5146+WinklerPatrick+Austria

IC 5146
LRGB 120 72 66 69 min.
ASA 16" RC f/8
ZWO ASI 6200MM Pro
Imaging date: 7.,11. July and 12. Aug. 2021
The Cocoon nebula (IC 5146) is a beautiful reflection/emission nebula in constellation Cygnus. 
It has those reddish and blueish parts within the nebula as well as faint dust surrounding the field. 
It was quite hard to work out these faint dust regions, because i didnt get as much integration time as i planned (bad weather in Austria this summer). 
Presessing was done in PixInsight and PS.

The 2nd Prize--085 IC5146+WinklerPatrick+Austria




406 M101风车星系+王卓骁(Mickey)+中国

1. 王卓骁。中国
2. 《M101风车星系》。GSO RC10 + iOptron CEM 70 + ZWO ASI6200MM Pro
3. LRHaGB共18小时曝光。2021年3月。
4. M101风车星系,虽然自己组成了一个星系群,但距离银河系所在的本星系群并不远,视大小接近满月的30角分,几条完美的旋臂清晰呈现在垂直面向我们的视角下,
这样的星系也被称作 Grand design spiral galaxy。

The 2nd Prize--406 M101风车星系+王卓骁(Mickey)+中国





The 3rd. Prize--No.002 & No.154 & No.327


002 NGC 3521+Utkarsh Mishra+Mexico

NGC 3521- March 2021
Utkarsh Mishra
All data shot from Remote observatory
Technical details: 16"F3.7 Dream Scope Astrograph, FLI PL16803 CCD, BadderLRGB filters Around 291Mins of L 125mins of Red Green Blue 600sec each total 9-10hrs data LRGB 
Data under Pristine Dark skies of New Mexico 
Processed in Pixinsight and PS.

The 3rd Prize--002 NGC 3521+Utkarsh Mishra+Mexico





154 IC1795鱼头星云+王辰+中国


The 3rd Prize--154 IC1795鱼头星云+王辰+中国





327 NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy+Kyle Van Zyl+Australia

Image 1: NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy  

This image was captured in early November of 2021 using an ASI 2600MC Pro, 
Skywatcher Quattro 250, and EQ6R Pro other basic accessories like ZWO auto focuser, and guide cams etc also used. 16 hours of integration using 5 minute exposures

The 3rd Prize--327 NGC 253, the Sculptor Galaxy+Kyle Van Zyl+Australia



Now let's see the Popularity Award, there are six winners. They are No. 006, No.366, No. 064, No.231, No. 143, and No. 003.  Congrats!



006 The Flame and Horsehead Nebula+Abhishek wasnik+India

The Flame and Horsehead Nebula

We shot this from our bootcamp site aka my friends farmhouse which is a bortle 4ish zone.
Even though data is very less, just mere 2.5 hours, the dusty goodness in horsehead region looks more promising. 

Tech data:
180s subs and total of 2.56 hours integration time.

Calibration frames Flats, Bias, Darks.
Processed in Pixinsight.

Sharpstar 71SDQ
Orion Sirius EQ-G Mount
Canon 700Da
Altair Quadband Filter
Angel Eyes 50mm Guide Scope
QHY5 L II C Guide Camera.

Date February 4th - 2021
Time - 9.30 pm
Abhishek wasnik - India 

Popularity Award--006 The Flame and Horsehead Nebula+Abhishek wasnik+India




366 Great American Eclipse+Robert Barsa+Slovakia

- Name: Robert Barsa
- Country: Slovakia
- Imaging target and date: Great American Eclipse, Aug 21, 2017

- Equipment used: 
optics: Skywatcher ED80/600 +HED 80W 0,85x flattener
camera: Canon 6D
mount: Skywatcher EQ-5
EXIF: ISO 100, exposures from 1/640 to 1,3 sec.

- Description: We need to travel, sometimes even to the other side of the world, to observe and photograph this magnificent phenomenon that can be seen only in the few kilometers wide path of the area called the zone of totality. 
Although the total solar eclipse occurs on average once in 18 months, it's always somewhere else and that area is really tiny compared to the whole Earth's surface. 
Next one in my country - Slovakia - will be in 2135
On this picture you can clearly see not only the sun's corona, it's structure and solar prominence (red), but even the surface of the Moon which is slightly illuminated by the sunlight reflected from the Earth.
- Digital processing methods: selection of 14 photos of the sequence processed in NAFE (Noise Adaptive Fuzzy Equalization, luminance only), 
Photoshop (manual alignment of frames), merge to HDR, Luminance and Color processed separately and combined later, final adjustments in Camera Raw

Popularity Award--366 Great American Eclipse+Robert Barsa+Slovakia



064 NGC 3324 - Gabriela Mistral Nebula in SHO Palette - ARIEL  CAPPELLETTI - ARGENTINA

NGC 3324 - Gabriela Mistral Nebula in SHO Palette

Main Equipment: 
ZWO ASI 1600 mm-pro + SW Explorer 200p + SW Coma Corrector 0.9x + EQ6-R-Pro + Long Perng 2" Dual Speed Low Profile Crayford Focuser + ZWO EAF + ZWO 7x2" EFW
Guide Equipment: guidescope 60/240 mm, ZWO ASI 120mm mini guide camera
*Gain 139, -25 o C, Ha 7nm 2" Optolong, 160x180"
*Gain 139, -25 o C, Oiii-CCD 6.5 nm 2" Optolong, 85x180"
*Gain 139, -25 o C, Sii-CCD 6.5 nm 2" Optolong, 85x180"
100 Darks / 100 Flats per filter / 100 DarkFlats
Polar Align: SharpCap 3.2
Acquisition: SGP 3.1

Guiding: PHD2
Processing: Pixinsight 1.8.8, PhotoShop

Date: APRIL 2020, Backyard in Córdoba Capital, Córdoba, Argentina

Popularity Award--064 NGC 3324 - Gabriela Mistral Nebula in SHO Palette - ARIEL  CAPPELLETTI - ARGENTINA



231 马头星云IC434+李令名+中国

1. 投稿人姓名:李令名+国籍:中国
2. 作品名称:马头星云IC434

主镜或镜头: 102apo

主相机: ZWO ASO 2600 MM PRO 2600MM

赤道仪或脚架: NEQ6R

导星镜或者镜头: 102apo

减焦镜: SKY ROVER 1*

软件: photoshop11  ·  pixinsight1.8.8.6,ps

过滤器: antlia 36mm antlia lrgb 36mm  ·  Antlia 36mm Ha 3nm, SII 3nm, OIII 3nm

3. 拍摄参数
Ha 82 ,L49 ,R20, G27, B17
4. 作品简述+后期方式

Popularity Award--231 马头星云IC434+李令名+中国



143 NGC1499+George Karantzalos+Greece

George Karantzalos
NGC1499 California nebula
17 Oct 2021
Heq5Pro Rowan belt mod
ZWO filter wheel 8x1.25
Baader new cmos 3.5nm CMOS optimized filters Ha,OIII,SII
Pegasus focus cube V2
Pegasus pocket powerbox
BeelinK X55 miniPC
Ha 7nm 80x300" gain 111 -10
OIII 4nm 28x600" gain 111 -10
SII 4nm 73x600" gain 111 -10
Shot with NINA
Processed in Pixinsight 

Popularity Award--143 NGC1499+George Karantzalos+Greece




003 LBN 552& LDN 1228+Utkarsh Mishra+Mexico

LBN 552& LDN 1228- September 2021
Utkarsh Mishra
Technical Details 16" F3.7 Dream Scope Newtonian 2Panel Mosaic 300secLRGB 5hrs 1x1 Panel 1 300sec LRGB 5hrs 1x1 Panel 2 Shot from B1, 21SQM 
Skies of New Mexico Image Processed in Photoshop cc and Pixinsight
**Total 10hrs Data each panel 5hrs, 2hrs of Lum 3hrs of RGB.300sec subs 1x1**
Image Credit Copyright: Utkarsh Mishra, Michael Petrasko and Muir Eveden Team Insight Observatory

Popularity Award--003 LBN 552& LDN 1228+Utkarsh Mishra+Mexico



Thanks again for all participants so that made a great result for the contest!!!

All prizes will be delivered as soon as possbile. Thank you!

Welcome next deep-sky competition, see you on 15th. October 2022. 



The copyright of the above works belongs to the author, and no one can use it without permission.