Optolong 2022 Nightscape Competition (Rules)

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Starryscape Dream---Optolong 2022 Nightscape Competition



"The life we have on Earth must have spontaneously generated itself. It must therefore be possible for life to generate spontaneously elsewhere in the univers. "

---Stephen Hawking


We are often caught in the hustle and bustle of life. We walk with our heads down instead of looking up at the endless stream of bright stars. The beauty of the starry sky lies in its vastness and inclusiveness. Look up the stars, not down at your feet. 

Corner of the earth, myriad meteorology, high as mountains and long as rivers, across lakes and mountains, through the sping, summer, autumn and winter, embrace the stars billow, let's follow the lens record of starry skies, perceive and transmit the infinite possibilites of the universe. 

Starryscape Dream--Optolong 2022 Nightscape competition is open to all astrophotography enthusiasts at home and abroad. So we encourage everyone to submit your works! 

Submitted and accepted dates from May 20th till July 20th 2022.


Sort of Entries

Please submit works around nightscape works: landscape + starry sky. It must be taken after sunset before sunrise, and combined photography of the landscape and the stars (Milky Way, Star orbit, other celestial sky, etc. ).



Categories of the Competition

There are three categories in this competition. Participants must indicate the category of their work in the details of submission. 

I NighScape Category: It decribes the type of images as landscape + starry sky, which including the photography of the Milky Way, Star Orbit, or pieces that will be taken by other tele zoom. 

II Special Celestial Category: The night sky work includes Meteor Shower, Lunar Eclipse, Aurora Polaris, Comet and other special celestial phenomena with landscape and starry sky. 

III Youth Group: Works that photography by young people aged less than 18 or 18 years old; and will not divided into categories.



Prize Level of the Categories

I NighScape Category 

Prize Level  Winners Number Prizes
The 1st Prize        One winner to be selected

1>D JI AIR 2S UAV *1

2>Optolong L-Pro clip filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1           

The 2nd Prize Two winners to be selected

1>Sky-Watcher Mount *1

2>Optolong L-Pro clip filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1 

The 3rd Prize Three winners to be selected

1>ARC'TERYX outdoor hiking pack *1

2>Optolong Clear Sky filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1 



II Special Celestial Category 

Prize Level  Winners Number Prizes
The 1st Prize One winner to be selected

1>D JI AIR 2S UAV *1

2>Optolong L-Pro clip filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1

The 2nd Prize One winner to be selected

1>Sky-Watcher Mount *1

2>Optolong L-Pro clip filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1

The 3rd Prize One winner to be selected

1>ARC'TERYX outdoor hiking pack *1

2>Optolong Clear Sky filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1



III Youth Group

Prize Level Winners Number Prizes
Talented Prize Three winners to be selected

1>Bushnell binoculars *1

2>Optolong Clear Sky filter *1

3>e-Certificate of Awards & Honors *1




  • Shortlisted Award

All finalists will enjoy discount coupon (20% OFF) for L-Pro, L-eNhance, L-eXtreme, SHO-3nm, and LRGB filters. Please refer to the shortlisted works what will be published by Optolong on July 29th 2022 on website. 



Conditions of Entry

• Participants must ensure that their work is original and authentic, with images taken using DLSR or Mirroless cameras (Sony E-mount, Sony Alpha,Olympus OMD,Canon M6,Fujifilm) paired with lenses. Composite images or stack of images to create the final images are allowed;

※Note: Entries taken by mobile phones are not accepted for this competition.  

• There is no limit on time and place for shooting, color, black and white digital photos are acceptable. There is no limit on techniques and styles. In order to highlight the creativity of works, participants can have certain post-processing.  However, the entries must be objective and real, and shall not be transferred (source documents shall be provided if necessary).  

• All entries must be original and without any copyright disputes.  In case of plagiarism or copyright infringement, participants shall bear all responsibilities and will be disqualified.  

• Each entrant is limited to a maximum of 3 images;

• Each image must include the entrant's name and the date when the image taken.  

• Kindly label your name and shooting date in the lower left corner of the entry, and ensure that the font is clearly visible when the image is enlarged to 100%;

• The submission images are required haven’t won in the Optolong Starryscape competitions;

• Entries must be submitted in electronic format (JPG, PNG); 

• Image width or height larger or equal to 1000px;

•Images can be submitted as ATTACHMENT by email to [email protected] with the following information:

Headline should name as: Category + photo name + your name + your country

E-mail content should include the following information:

-Competition Category

- Your name

- Your country

- Title of your Astro photo, and imaging target

- Equipment used

- Imaging time and site

- Briefly describe your photo or story, location of the photography included

- Post processing methods employed (if any)

-Your submission quantities of work

• If the age of the contributor is less than 18 years old, please indicate your age and submit to the Youth Group.  

• Copyright will remain with the photographers. Optolong reserves the right to use the images with acknowledgement to the photographer;

• Winners will be announced on Optolong website and through social media.



Competition Time Schedule


May 20th. 2022 (FRI) Submission begins.
July 20th. 2022 (WED) Submission deadline
July 29th. 2022 (FRI) The finalists will be published on Optolong official medias
August 16th. 2022 (TUE) Winners announcement of categories by Optolong




Scoring Process

All entries are assessed by our expert judges, who make the final decision regarding entries selected for the 1st Prize, the 2nd prize, and the 3rd prize awards. Judges intend to showcase as many of the entrants as possible and there is a preference for recent or timely images, but entries are not restricted to recent work.

The ranking of all awards will be decided by Optolong expert panel, who’s work will not participate in this competition.  

In the open, fair and just under the principle of competition to ensure a complete success!

We specially invited five judges who come from different countries to make sure this event is managed equitably and responsibly. They are   Kerry-Ann Lecky Hepburn from Canada, Mehmet Ergün from Germany, Yuri Beletsky from Chile,  Vincent Cheng from Hong Kong(China) and Steed(虞骏) from China.


We are looking foward to your contributions!


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NightScape Category:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/WKzx84hAJEKx1aia8
Special Celestial Category:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/BHjgoVDpqmscfsvy7
Youth Group:  https://photos.app.goo.gl/Xy3LrxqCURYXKbmv6


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Optolong Optics Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation of this event. Participation in this solicitation will be regarded as agreeing to and abiding by the rules of this competition.

Thanks for your attention.