The Rosette Nebula +Nicholas Bradley + L-eXtreme

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The Rosette Nebula


The Rosette Nebula (also known as Caldwell 49) is an H II region located near one end of a giant molecular cloud in the Monoceros region of the Milky Way Galaxy. The open cluster NGC 2244 (Caldwell 50) is closely associated with the nebulosity, the stars of the cluster having been formed from the nebula's matter.


The Rosette Nebula +Nicholas Bradley + L-eXtreme

Credit: Nicholas Bradley, United States

Skywatcher Evostar 80ed with 0.85x reducer
50mm guide scope and asi 120mc
Optolong L-eXtreme filter
Orion Sirius EQ mount
Zwo Asi 533mc pro -20c
60x300s, 20 flats, 45 dark frames

I only had one night to capture a photo during the mostly cloudy winter nights. Chose Rosette because it framed nicely with my setup and is very bright.
Processed with a dynamic narrowband combination called the Foraxx combination. It makes a synthetic green from Ha and Oiii so there can be a third color with HOO.
Used Starnet and mostly processed in the starless state. Added stars back with pixelmath. Final touches to color and contrast with photoshop camera raw filter.