The skies that night were truly beautiful + Earl Mallia Photography + L-Pro

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The skies that night were truly beautiful

Image Credit: Earl Mallia Photography (Malta)


Author's Starry Story:

Last Friday evening, I had the opportunity to re- visit Dwejra & the  Fungus Rock in Gozo, known for its minimal light pollution. I was initially disappointed to see that amount of  boats anchored nearby emitting a significant amount of light pullution. However, amidst this challenge, I still managed to capture a few stunning moments of the Perseids meteor shower. The skies that night were truly beautiful.
I hope that in the near future Dwejra will be acknowledged as a place free from light pollution , allowing people to fully enjoy the breathtaking night skies. 
The image I'm sharing was taken during my workshop in Gozo on that memorable evening.
Also, I would want to emphasize the importance of taking care of our skies and not emitting light where it is not required.  #nolightpollutionmalta
Tracked / stacked / blended 
Sky shot 30images  120min iso1600 + meteors shots 30sec iso 3200 + Calibrated frames
Tracked With Sky Watcher Star Adventurer
*Shot With Canon 6D Astro-Mod /  Filters Used - Optolong L- pro
*Tripod Benro mach 3 TMA37AL 
*Tamron 17-40 OSD @17mm
*Processed with Astro Panel