NGC6946, the Fireworks Galaxy + Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez + L-Pro

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NGC6946, the Fireworks Galaxy

Image Credit: Álvaro Ibáñez Pérez (Spain)


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NGC6946, the Fireworks Galaxy. Located on the border between Cepheus and the Swan.  The whole background full of galaxies and dust.
Taken during 3 full nights from beginning to end, from Navas de Estena this August long weekend, together with my colleagues Pablo Gafo and James.

At full resolution:


Telescope: Takahashi FSQ106EDX
Mount: Takahashi EM-400 Temma2
Camera: ZWO ASI2600MC (Sony IMX571)
Guiding: Lunático EZG-60 + SXLodestar
Filters: Optolong Astronomy Filter L-Pro
Focuser: RoboFocus Rev3.1
Flats panel: RB Focus eXcalibur
Distributor: RB Focus Balinor Pro
Rotator: RB Focus Camelot
Software: N.I.N.A.
Date: August 2023
Location: Navas de Estena
Processing: PixInsight Core + Photoshop CC 2022
Exposure: 240x300s bin1, Offset 50, Gain 101
Total: 20h
I hope you like it!