L-Quad Enhance Filter New Product Experience Officer Recruitment

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L-Quad Enhance Filter

New Product Experience Officer Recruitment



Big News!

Optolong new product, quad bandpass filter L-Quad Enhance Filter is coming! We are looking for 10 product experience officers.

Free Cost│Limited Recruitment│10 L-QEF Product Experiencers



This event is open to all astrophotographers, amateurs, Stargazers.


►〔Qualified Application〕

  1. Preferably with some years of astrophotography experience,  and familiar with the application of filters and well image post-processing is preferred;
  2. Unpacking video and installation video shall be needed within one month after you received the filter;
  3. Two complete pieces of works will be provided before 30th October 2023 (Total exposure time of the single image no less than 5hours);
  4. After the completion of the experience, you should provide a group of comparison images with and without filters, and share your true experience of using L-QEF with no less than 200 review;


►〔Enrolment Methods〕

Fill out <Application Form for Product Experience Officer Recruitment>, and send it back to email: [email protected]


►〔Enrolment Period〕

23rd Sept. - 6th Oct 2023  


►〔L-QEF Experience Officers Announcement〕

The list of L-QEF experience officers will be announced on 8th Oct 2023.     

We will contact you you as soon as the name announced, and ship the new product L-QEF immediately.


Click here or below image to download  <Application Form for Product Experience Officer Recruitment> (here is PDF version).

PDF version

WORD version




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