NGC 3718 + PRO’ GIACOMO + L-QEF (L-Quad Enhance Filter)

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NGC 3718

Credit /author: PRO’ GIACOMO

Filter: Opotlong L-QEF (L-Quad Enhance Filter)




NGC 3718
Discovered by William Herschel more than 200 years ago, its peculiar appearance immediately caused a headache for the astronomers of the time, who initially categorised it as an elliptical galaxy; only later did they realise that it was actually a barred spiral. It only takes a quick glance at the images to realise that even this new classification actually fits very tightly on an object with such an original shape. As a result, NGC 3718 has been placed in the category of so-called peculiar galaxies, i.e. those with a different shape and composition than the vast majority of galaxies.
Catalogued under the abbreviation Arp 214, it is considered an amorphous galaxy as it has some of the typical characteristics of an elliptical galaxy despite being to all intents and purposes a barred spiral. It is also classified as a galaxy with irregularity, absorption and definition, i.e. an object with an unusually high concentration of dust and gas that give it a slightly granular appearance.
NGC 3718 is located in the constellation Ursa Major, in an area exceptionally rich in galaxies and is 50 million light years away.



Light 780 x 60 seconds filter: Optolong Astronomy Filter L-QEF
Planetary Camera: Asi 224 mc colour
Telescope: Sky-Watcher Quattro 200P + SW Coma corrector 1X
Guide camera: Asi 120 mini
Guide scope: 60 - 320 mm
Mount: Skywatcher Eq 6-r Pro
Acquisition: Asiair Plus
Software: DSS - Pixinsight - Photoshop
Shots: 06-10-11/05/2024
Location: Torricella (TA) ITALY
SQM: 19,60