M81 M82 and IFN + Andrea Maggi + Optolong LRGB HA filter

source:Optolongpopularity:84Release Time:2024-06-14

M81 M82 and IFN 

Image copryright and credit: Andrea Maggi (Italy) and Stefano Seveso (Italy)

Filters: Optolong LRGB and HA 3nm filters



In collaboration with astrophotographer Stefano Seveso. 


Telescope Artec 200 Artec 250
Camera Zwo 2600MM 294MM
Optolong LRGB HA filter
Luminance 32 from 300 sec
Luminance 300 from 120 sec
Red 120 light 120 sec
Green 120 light 120 sec
Blue 120 light 120 sec
HA 12 Light 600 sec 


Hope you like it.