M63 Galaxy + Luca Dinoi + L-Pro, L-Ultimate

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M63 Galaxy 

Image copyright and credit: Luca Dinoi (Italy)

Filters: Optolong L-Pro, Optolong L-Ultimate, and other filters



The Sunflower Galaxy (also known as M 63 or NGC 5055) is a spiral galaxy visible in the northern constellation of Hunting Dogs; it was discovered in 1779 by Pierre Méchain, a colleague and friend of Messier and who collaborated in the writing of the famous catalogue.


This shot of this magnificent galaxy was captured with two telescopes of different diameters:

TS Ritchey - Chrétien 12"
Tecnosky APO Triplet 152/1216

Acquisition Cam:

Omegon VeTec 571C
Moravian G2 8300 Mono

the Optron CEM120

Self-built Flat Box, with Ascom 50x50 dimmer

Optolong L-Pro, Optolong L-Ultimate, Astronomik HA 6nm, Astronomik RGB, Astronomik CLS

Primaluce Lab SESTO SENSO 2 • WandererRotator
Electronic Control Anti-Country Bands • ZWO 7x2 Filter Wheel • Riccardi 0.75x

Adobe Photoshop · Astrometric STAcking Program (ASTAP) · iOptron ASCOM Driver and Commander · Planewave Platesolve2 · Pleiades Astrophoto PixInsight · Stark Labs PHD Guiding · Stefan Berg Nighttime Imaging 'N' Astronomy (N. I.N. A. / NINA)

Driving Telescope:
Omegon 90/500

Driving Cam:
Asi Zwo 224MC

41x300s L - Pro
51x300s Cls Ccd
15x600s Ha 6nm
21x240s R
21x240s G
21x240s B
— at Valle d'Itria